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The year 2014 was an eventful one for intellectual property law. Every branch of government affected intellectual property law in one way or another. The Supreme Court ruled on several important intellectual property law cases; federal and state legislatures contemplated and enacted various new statutes that changed the intellectual property law landscape; and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office continued to implement new procedures governing the issuance and reconsideration of intellectual property rights. These events captured the consciousness of the American public and garnered significant media attention, more so than any year in recent memory. As these events proved, technological advancements will continue to test the limits of intellectual property law. Courts will seek to clarify and refine intellectual property laws where complexity and confusion persist. Lawmakers will attempt to create or refine laws that respond to social and market pressure. And agencies will work toward full implementation of all of the changes that courts and lawmakers mandate. In sum, these events show that intellectual property law is and will continue to be an exciting and complex field. This essay provides an overview of these events and considers their importance and immediate impact.

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Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal

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Intellectual Property, patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, USPTO, Redskins, Aereo



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