Faculty Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Inside Counsel: Practices, Strategies, and Insights (2nd ed.)

Marc I. Steinberg, Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law
Stephen B. Yeager, Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law


"Inside Counsel – Practices, Strategies, and Insights, 2d by Marc I. Steinberg and Stephen B. Yeager – the first book of its kind – provides a wide-ranging account of in-house law practice. The book serves as a valuable resource for many audiences – law students, in-house counsel, those who are contemplating going in-house, and even outside lawyers. Relying on their collective decades of practical and academic experience, the authors offer key insights into such important topics as successful strategies that in-house counsel can implement, interfacing with “internal clients,” working with outside counsel, the focus on “preventative” law, the skill sets that are valued by corporate counsel, and the steps that an outside lawyer or recent graduate can take to obtain an in-house position.

"The Second Edition adds timely commentary and insights on the multifaceted issues facing inside counsel as well as the inclusion of key case law developments, including insider trading enforcement proceedings against inside counsel. Subjects focusing on in-house counsel's role in the enterprise, interfacing with the many constituents within the company, the benefits and disadvantages of serving as in-house counsel as compared to outside counsel, and the criteria that makes an outside law firm attractive to in-house counsel are updated and explored. The Second Edition is a valuable resource for law students, in-house counsel, and attorneys practicing in law firms."