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Pretrial Detention and Access to Courts: How to Safeguard Liberty and Justice During COVID-19


Originally posted and made available by the Project on Government Oversight at https://www.pogo.org/podcast/pretrial-detention-and-access-to-courts-how-to-safeguard-liberty-and-justice-during-covid-19/, archived at https://perma.cc/XKU6-BU2F.

"In this briefing, we examine how the criminal justice system is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the dangers it poses to the rights of the accused and how it could endanger their lives. The discussion examines how jurisdictions are managing changes to criminal court proceedings, the range of constitutional rights that are endangered, the heightened public health risk for individuals in pretrial detention, and how we can respond to these serious harms."


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right to a speedy trial, access to attorneys, due process, covid-19, constitutional rights in a pandemic