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The Jurisdictional Anticommons

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When multiple stakeholders have the right to veto use of a resource, it may go to waste. This is the problem of the anticommons. When the stakeholders with veto-rights are regulators, it is known as the regulatory anticommons. When the multiple regulators come from different jurisdictions, it raises a special problem, which this paper names the jurisdictional anticommons. This jurisdictional anticommons is a common roadblock to linear energy transport infrastructure: oil, gas, and renewable power may be locked in if the pipelines and power-lines that would bring them to market may be vetoed by the jurisdictions they must cross. The jurisdictional anticommons is a thorny, growing problem for resource development around the world. Sovereignty, like private property, admits few exceptions, but this paper suggests how property law might also suggest some solutions.

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Getting to Yes on Linear Infrastructure Projects

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anticommons, natural resources, property law, energy law, negotiation, energy law, eminent domain, veto gates, law and economics