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  • One of the major student activities during the past year was Esquire Week held in November, sponsored by the Student Bar Association. A mock trial, football game between members of the two legal fraternities, reception, and a semi-formal dance constituted the activity.
  • The school operated a second Foreign Specialists Program for the International Educational Exchange Service of the U. S. Department of State.
  • The SMU school of Law Development Fund was created.
  • The Foundation is presently engaged in a comprehensive study to determine the feasibility of a nuclear energy compact among the 16 southern states comprising the Southern Governors Conference.
  • The Institute of Law Enforcement, established in 1957 as an adjunct of the Criminal Justice Division of the Foundation, is designed to provide in-service training for supervisory personnel of police and probation departments, judges, prosecutors and traffic court judges.
  • The Foundation has determined to inaugurate, in English and Spanish editions, Law of the Americas: A Yearbook, or in Spanish, Derecho de Las Americas: Anuario.

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Annual Report of the Dean of the School of Law for the Year 1957-1958