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  • The course formerly known as Use of Law Books, which was scheduled for the second semester of the first-year, is now called Basic Legal Research.
  • A student exchange arrangement was made in the Fall of 19I8 by the Law School with the Faculty of Law of National University of Mexico in Mexico City.
  • The Texas Police Chiefs Association voted unanimously to use the Law Enforcement Institute as the training vehicle for the Chiefs Association.
  • In September, 1958, the Foundation completed and published a major study on "The Feasibility of an Atomic Energy Compact for the Southern States," which was presented to the Southern Governors' Conference at their Fall meeting.
  • Professor Joseph V. McKnight, now on leave of absence at Columbia University, is continuing his research and writing on The Spanish Legacy in Texas under a Foundation grant.

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Annual Report of the Dean of the School of Law for the Year for the year 1958-1959