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Matthean and Lukan Theology vis-a-vis a Few, Unique Parables


As an early Church Father and apologist in the 2nd century, Irenaeus contributed greatly to discourse on Christian theology, scripture, and tradition. However Irenaeus could not have been further from the truth when he exclaimed, “The parables will receive a like interpretation from all!”1 Had his prediction proven to be true, perhaps there would not be much to say about the parables in the Christian Gospels. Yet a single, universally accepted interpretation of any one parable did not exist during Jesus’ earthly ministry, and certainly does not exist today. Why, then, does Jesus speak in parables? Why would a religious teacher utilize an esoteric form of teaching that would serve to confuse his followers indefinitely? If parables really are “the hallmark of Jesus’ teaching,” why do they seem to be presented in code?2 And most importantly, what do the parables reveal about the Gospels authors’ personal theology?

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Spring 2017

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Religious Studies


Dr. Mark Chancey

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Dr. Jill DeTemple



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