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In an attempt to answer the question: What are the long-term economic ramifications of sexual violence against females in state terror such as genocide? This paper explores the thematic elements, conducive factors and the effects of the existence of sexual violence in state-terror genocides.

To do this, the paper first explores the elements of terrorism and apply them directly to state terror. The notion that states are immune from the blame of terrorism is acknowledged and debunked, furthering the association between terrorism and acts of state terror. Next, genocide is defined as the most atrocious act of state terror, and its elements and effects are discussed with the purpose of providing some background information as to the setting discussed in the inquiry. For those wondering about the exclusion of war crimes and crimes against humanity there is a short explanation as to why those are not covered within the paper.

The paper then focuses on specific violence against women committed during genocides. Several examples are used in an attempt to provide a wide-reaching and comprehensive analysis of the atrocities committed specifically against women during state-run genocides. The paper then acknowledges the many other implications and conditions brought on through the violence inflicted. Thereafter, the paper attempts to answer its central question by providing examples of various economic costs incurred by both survivor and state and attempts to explain the wide-reaching impacts those costs entail. Lastly, it is noted that there is room for further research into this area of study.

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Spring 5-15-2020

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Graduate Liberal Studies


Dr. Rick Halperin

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Economics, Humanities, Humanities, Political Science and Government


This paper is a Master's Thesis work and does not pretend to know all of the facts and information about the field in which it was written. However, the author felt that little had been published about this specific issue, and as such this is an attempt to bring some light to an area which is in desperate need of more and deeper research.

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