This dissertation focuses on three prongs of knowledge in parent education programs for Black/African American parents. These three prongs of knowledge fortify and enhance Black/African American parents' effectiveness in their role. This dissertation focuses on Black/African Americans' parenting experience because of the unique challenges they and their children face in a country that does not always value them or respects their humanity. Living in a country where systemic racism is foundational, Black/African American parents and their children have added challenges presented by this reality. It is systemic racism that creates the need for additional knowledge to ensure that Black/African American parents prepare to address race and racism concerns with their children to protect them and keep them safe as they journey through life in this country. These three areas of knowledge will benefit Black/African American parents and their parenting experiences.

Studies identified using the research methodology of qualitative meta-synthesis to support each of the three-prong knowledge areas. The researcher viewed studies through the theoretical lens of critical race theory and critical race parenting. Themes emerged to tie the three regions together and emphasize important characteristics to reinforce the need for parental education. Themes that emerged resulted in identifying areas that will require further research to focus on the Black/African American parenting experiences. Additionally, the studies' analysis led to a 'call to action' to face and addressed the systemic racism that displays itself in this country. To provide parents with what they need to address issues they meet in parenting, especially while being Black/African American, requires examining systems. The struggle continues, but Black/African American parents will not be deterred, as the research revealed. In the studies, Black/African American parents shared their thirst for knowledge and ways to ensure their children will survive to have opportunities for the future they deserve.

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Spring 5-14-2021

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Graduate Liberal Studies


David Deggs, Phj.D.

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Sherril English, Ph.D.

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Diedre Stewart, Ed.D.

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History, Humanities, Sociology

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