SMU Annual Texas Survey

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More than 300,000 new family law cases were filed in Texas in 2022; more than a third of those were divorces (and there were more divorces in Texas than in any other state). Tens of thousands of children live in households that are involved in family court proceedings in any given year. Family law remains one of the areas with the greatest unmet legal need—more than half of litigants are pro se in cases with enormous stakes. The work of lawyers, judges, and other professionals in this area should not be underestimated. In this Article, we will try to lighten the load somewhat by highlighting the most important family law cases during the year 2022. As the reader will see, they touch on a wide range of issues, both substantive and procedural. There is no single takeaway from this year’s case law, but the opinions illustrate the challenge of staying on top of a complex and busy area of law.



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