This paper is an attempt to resurrect the Wesleyan class meeting in to the modern day congregation in order to build stronger and more vibrant communities. By examining the historical footprint of the class meeting in Wesley's Britain and the beginning of the American experiment, the core attributes of the class meeting are extracted to be accountability, vulnerability, and practical faith.

This paper also attempts to show that these core principles of the class meeting are still present in the modern world outside of the church to great success within the military, non-denominational faith groups, and in the battle against addiction in its many forms through 12-step programs.

Finally, there is a a step by step method in how to go about creating and sustaining a class meeting in the modern church, as performed by the author at a local United Methodist congregation.

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Spring 5-14-2022

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Dr. Ted Campbell

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Dr. William Abraham

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Dr. James Lee

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History, Religion, Theology/Religious Education

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