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Religion, Philosophy, Sociology


The Christian church works for reconciliation between God and his creatures through Jesus Christ. For this, the church calls people and helps them hear, understand, recognize and receive the Spirit of God through Jesus. This dissertation explains this process as walking with, working with and following Jesus.

This dissertation builds a theological structure for forming “Christian vocational spirituality” as the whole of the Christian life reconciled with the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ. This theological structure guides the process through which a human being becomes a true Christian being, and a Christian being becomes a true human being reconciled with the Spirit of God, overcoming the human predicament and existential contradictions.

This theological structure begins with an integrated analysis and understanding of human problems and spiritual potential using philosophical, theological, psychological and biblical approaches. The second course analyzes and understands how Jesus becomes the way, the truth and the life for human salvation—bringing reconciliation with the Spirit of God. The third stage considers how to build a spiritual relationship with Jesus. The fourth is forming “Christian vocational spirituality” as being grasped by the Spirit of Jesus and as “sanctified life” of being full of the Spirit of Jesus.

The four aspects of this theological structure need to be built and iteratively strengthened for the whole of the Christian life. Through this the church community is reconciled with the Spirit of Jesus Christ. This structure provides an excellent way to overcome the crises of humanity and the church.

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Spring 2022

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Ruben L. F. Habito

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Karen Baker-Fletcher

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James K. Lee

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