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A Community-Led Mentoring Program Utilizing Emotional Intelligence and Faith Support Tools


The study "Reconstructing Hope and Resilience Among Kenyan Adolescent Immigrants" explores Kenyan immigrant families' challenges in the United States and their impact on their adolescent children. It proposes a community-led mentoring program incorporating emotional intelligence competencies and faith to support adolescents' success. Additionally, the study advocates for a new immigrant parent-mentoring program to help them navigate the complex legal process to accelerate their immigration and successful acculturalization. The research contains selected Bible narratives that identify parental responsibilities towards their children and discourses on their successful utility or lack thereof. The study argues that parents and the community have a responsibility to support adolescents, and the mentoring program can help them navigate the challenges of immigration and acculturation. The study is significant as it provides a framework for understanding the challenges faced by Kenyan immigrant families and suggests practical solutions to support their adolescent children's success. The study may be useful to policymakers, educators, and community leaders in developing programs to support Kenyan immigrant adolescents' well-being and success.

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Spring 5-12-2024

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Perkins School of Theology


Dr. Susanne Johnson

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Dr. Hugo Magallanes

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Theology/Religious Education

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