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Frozen II And Girls’ Spiritual Formation

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Music, Religion, Theology/Religious Education


Frozen II (2019) is a popular Disney animated movie for children and depicts striking spiritual elements while weaving in feminist practices such as justice and equity, and feminist theology through representations of female spirits and connection to the earth. Through this movie, its themes, and the historical exclusion of women in the church, this thesis seeks to show that representation of women in the divine is an important, and necessary part of the spiritual and psychological development of girls and women. The methods of this thesis include exploring the following synchronicities:

  1. Parallels between feminist issues in the church and Walt Disney Animation Studios

  2. Parallels between the feminine dimensions of Christianity and Frozen II

  3. The convergence of spiritual formation and psychological development of girls and


  4. Conversations around Frozen II and Spiritual formation with women and girls from

    Blacksburg, Virginia

  5. The analysis of songs from Frozen II

Patriarchal and misogynistic values have been perpetuated in both Disney and the church, and this thesis shows the importance of inclusion of women, and the calling that women have in the church as leaders and disciples. While women have been working, whether behind the scenes, or in the spotlight, there is still work to do!

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Spring 5-11-2024

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Pastoral Music


Dr. C. Michael Hawn

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Dr. Deborah Rogers

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