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Music, Theology/Religious Education, Religion


Liturgical arts are meaningful resources and vessels for reclaiming and renewing the storytelling abilities of dynamic worship. This thesis explores a strategic evaluation of liturgical arts through the foundational and relational subjects of theology, ritual studies, and liturgical theology. Through the Holy Spirit, liturgical arts have formative powers that lead congregations into a deeper meeting with God—sending them forth as renewed signposts of Christ’s transcendence. They provide the space where pain and brokenness meet hope and grace for the renewal of the world.

This thesis examines those powers in combination with a foundational and contextual evaluation to restore and apply innovative liturgical art that allows for the possibility of a vibrant and active dialogue between worshipers and the Triune God. A series of liturgies are included as examples highlighting these powers. Through a continuous process of evaluation and innovative application of the liturgical arts, a worshiping community has a foundational strategy to actively maintain, reimagine, and renew an ever-evolving, enlivened worship experience that intersects with the Divine.

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Spring 2024

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Pastoral Music


Dr. C. Michael Hawn

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Dr. Michael Bauer

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