Apuntes: Reflexiones teológicas desde el margen hispano

About This Journal

Apuntes: Reflexiones Teológicas Desde el Contexto Hispano-Latino is an ecumenical, bilingual journal that supports the Hispanic/Latin@ Church by providing theological, biblical, and historical reflection to enrich pastoral ministry and understanding of the church. Bringing theological reflection and analysis to pastoral ministry is essential for the life of the church and ministry.

Apuntes was established in 1980 under the aegis of The Mexican American Program (now called The Hispanic/Latin@ Ministries Program). When Apuntes began publication, no other journal representing the voices of the Hispanic/Latin@ Church existed. In this regard, it was a pioneer in Hispanic/Latin@ theological expression and education and continues to be an important vehicle for promoting Hispanic/Latin@ theological reflection and expression, as applied to the Hispanic church's issues.

We are into the fortieth year of publication of Apuntes: Theological Reflections from the Hispanic-Latino context, a scholarly journal that provides a special perspective reflective of the reality in which we live. Published twice a year, Apuntes strives to encourage and share disciplined biblical, theological, and pastoral studies reflective of Hispanic-Latino experiences. The contributing authors are a voice bringing insight from their context and provide opportunities for dialogue among ministers, theologians, and scholars concerned with Christianity from a Hispanic-Latino context.

Apuntes has provided a crucial voice for Hispanic/Latin@ perspectives in theological education through its editors' effective leadership. The founding editor, Dr. Justo L. González, is the most prolific author on Hispanic/Latin@ theology, history, and pastoral theology. Dr. Luis Pedraja, the author of a widely-read book titled Teología: An Introduction to Hispanic Theology, served as the second editor. Dr. Hugo Magallanes, author of Introducción a la Vida y Teología de Juan Wesley, served as the third editor. Dr. David Maldonado, editor of Protestants/Protestantes: Hispanic Christianity within Mainline Traditions, currently serves as the interim editor. Under their leadership, two historical compilations of articles by the most important Hispanic/Latin@ scholars in theological education were published: Voices: Voices from the Hispanic Church in 1992 and Mas Voces de la Iglesia Hispana (Spanish); More Voices-Theological Reflections on the Hispanic Church in 2001.

Apuntes intends to be a serious journal of theology. Our theology is grounded in and emerges from our faith and life experiences in our people's social, cultural, and historical contexts.