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An early and pervasive paranormal experience cements my interest in the invisible link between predator, prey, and bait. My sculptural installations and drawings create spaces to evade, lure, misdirect, and trap my elusive phantom. I divide my research into three sections; The Stadium, The Players, and The Game. The Stadium is a separate world, one that holds different laws and physics. Here, I explore the correlation between Slapstick Comedy and Horror genres and their ability to bend reality in order to create a story arch. The Players references tropes played out within these genres, Ophelia and the Final Girl, and their positioning within cat and mouse scenarios. The Game explores Sarah Winchester’s lifetime project of building her mansion where it is said she built staircases that lead to nowhere, windows into other rooms, and doors not meant to open to flee from the spirits who haunted her. Through this thread of seemingly unrelated material, I make links between my work and cat and mouse.

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Spring 5-5-2020

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Melanie Clemmons

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Tamara Johnson

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