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You and I


This document is a summary of my artistic practice during my time at Southern Methodist University. It includes a brief history of my portfolio, an examination of the work created while in the program, and commentary on the purpose of relational aesthetics in my operations. I will further break down of the “Theene-Kone” series of works, that make up the bulk of my actual thesis presentation as well as the influences and concepts that shaped my overall work. The final element will be an explanation of Lahori Barbecue, and will include a text containing several recipes for anyone interested in recreating them. In creating this document, I not only hope to satisfy the requirements for my masters, but I also hope to find meaning and catharsis in my decisions and the impact of this opportunity.

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Spring 5-15-2021

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Barnaby Fitzgerald

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Roberto Conduru

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Nyugen Smith

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Lisa Mccarthy

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Sarah Nance

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Art, Art History/Criticism/Conservation

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