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Endorsements: Fellow Mustangs endorse their favorite candidates in the governors race. Andrea Allen on Carole Keeton Strayhorn and Samantha Urban on Chris Bell, page 3. Lance Webb on Kinky and Todd Baty on Perry, page 4.

Culture: Carter Twitty gives you an inside look at a new internet game: fantasy congress. Find out how to make your legislators win big for you, page 6.

Kinky: Dr. Countryman explains why Kinky had his vote—and lost it when he came to SMU last month. Read the whole story on page 2.

Congress: Dr. Simon gives his insight into the midterms with his consumerʼs guide to the 2006 elections. Check it out on page 2.

Be Heard: Hilltopics is always looking for good submissions on virtually any topic. Email your ideas, feedback, or articles to

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