Journal of Air Law and Commerce

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This Article provides an overview of the regulatory (legal) framework in which the decarbonisation of aviation is embedded, with a focus on European law. The Article further provides updates on EU-ETS, CORISA, RED III and the minimum quota of SAF supply in accordance with Refuel EU Aviation up to October 2023. Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) will be described in detail in this Article, and it is further explained that the use of SAF could significantly contribute to aviation becoming “greener”. As the availability of SAF is still rather scarce, the Article revolves around a mechanism of a global book-and-claim system to unify and scale up production and use. The general concept of book-and-claim as well as the specific one in relation to SAF is explained in the Article. Further, examples of existing book-and-claim systems are given, and the Article concludes with the benefits of a European book-and-claim system for SAF for the various stakeholders in the aviation industry.



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