About This Journal

SMU Journal of Undergraduate Research

The SMU Journal of Undergraduate Research is a centerpiece in the university’s undergraduate science community. It acts as a forum, where students can communicate their research with the rest of the student body and train them for future publishing. SMU JoUR acts as an intermediate between student researchers, encouraging intra- and interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation.

SMU Honors Research Association

In the tide of growing undergraduate research interest, SMU HRA was founded in 2013 as a student organization with the mission of growing research involvement and awareness on and off campus, creating a better undergraduate experience and raising the scholastic caliber of SMU. We are an interdisciplinary community of scholars, growing the span and visibility of undergraduate research and championing projects that enrich the undergraduate research experience. With the surge of undergraduate opportunities on campus and afar, SMU HRA provides a centralized resource for both new and experienced student researchers to explore and pursue these opportunities. SMU HRA maintains a labs database, connecting assiduous undergraduates to faculty researchers. We produce both the SMU Journal of Undergraduate Research and SMU’s creative and literary publication, Kairos. Submissions are accepted in the spring. SMU HRA is a gateway to research involvement and professional development. With speaker events, faculty panels, and workshops, we enable and celebrate students’ investigation of their passions.

Join us at https://smuresearch.wordpress.com or visit the Honors Research Association tab at smu.edu/undergradresearch.

The SMU Journal of Undergraduate Research is an SMU Honors Research Association publication.