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  • In April, 1966, an application was filed with the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare under the Higher Educational Facilities Act of 1963 for a grant of approximately $1,200,000 and a loan of approximately $1,500,000, being three-quarters of the $3,600,000 estimated cost of remodeling Florence Hall (classroom building) and the construction of a new library.
  • A Law School newssheet, The Brief of the School of Law, Southern Methodist University, was initiated in the fall to provide news items on the School, and a Law School Yearbook was undertaken for the first time.
  • In cooperation with the entire University, the Law School sponsored a number of events in observance of the University's Semicentennial Year: On March 10, 1966, the Supreme Court of Texas spent the day at the Law School.
  • On April 17, The Honorable John Minor Wisdom, Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, delivered the Robert G. Storey Lecture.

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Report of the Dean of the School of Law for the Year 1965-1966