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A Short Work in 5 Parts


Anthony J. Elia

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Moriah: A Micro-Drama in 5 parts is a work that was composed for the Religion, Spirituality and the Arts workshop at Butler University in 2014. The workshop was based on the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac (the "binding of Isaac" specifically). Originally, there were to be participatory portions with the audience, percussion, and voices, but the piece was simplified for oboe and cello. Three of the movements were performed at Christian Theological Seminary by ISO oboist Roger Roe on oboe and Depauw University Cello Professor Eric Edberg.

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Musical Score; Oboe and Cello; Binding of Isaac (Bible)


Biblical Studies

MORIAH PART 2 finale.pdf (445 kB)
Moriah Part 2--Oboe and Cello

MORIAH Part 3 Final.pdf (488 kB)
Moriah Part 3--Oboe and Cello

MORIAH Part 4.pdf (345 kB)
Moriah Part 4--Oboe and Cello

MORIAH Part 5 FINALEb.pdf (129 kB)
Moriah Part 5--Oboe and Cello