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1. Orphic Birth Pangs on Pinterest

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Spring 3-6-2020


Orpheus in Cyberspace is a seven movement sonata for solo viola based on the Orpheus myth, but with a twist toward the modern, technological, and cyber-frenetic world in which we live.

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Musical Score; Viola; Chamber Music;



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Orpheus in Cyberspace

Orpheus_in_Cyberspace 2 Pimpleia fin.pdf (337 kB)
2. Instagramming of Pimpleia

Orpheus_in_Cyberspace 3.pdf (398 kB)
3. Oeagrus and Calliope Set Screen Time for Little Orphee...

Orpheus_in_Cyberspace Pt 4.pdf (461 kB)
4. Snapchatting the Argonauts

Orpheus_in_Cyberspace pt 5.pdf (501 kB)
5. Selfies with Eurydice

Orpheus_in_Cyberspace pt 6.pdf (601 kB)
6. Don't Look Back! You're Blind and Hacked!

Orpheus_in_Cyberspace pt 7.pdf (1399 kB)
7. Death: Thracian Twitter Trolls and Maenads

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