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Surreal Serial Music for Various Grains

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Fall 12-3-2022


The “Cereal Variations” are short works of experimental notation using different types of cereal or other grains (rice, wheat, bran, and “Honey O’s”), in order to expand the notions of the score. Each piece is very short (10 or fewer measures) and written in C—but this should not restrict performers from transposing or trying pieces in other keys. No tempo or instrumentation is given either, so that performers may use whatever instruments they want. It is encouraged that musicians use anything from percussion to strings and even attempt slow versions of multiple voice choruses. Performers may also want to try playing pieces at different volumes and overlaying each “cereal variation” on another, so that all of them are played simultaneously.

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Experimental Music; Experimental Notation; Musical Scores; Grain; Rice; Wheat; Cereal; Music and Food; Avant garde;


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