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In 2013 Dr. Robert Selden approached the Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) inquiring about the possibility of including interactive 3D models in a digital collection. Working with Dr. Selden, the CDS found a platform to which these models could be deposited and displayed. Concurrently, the CDS was actively promoting SFA’s institutional repository, SFA ScholarWorks. One guiding idea behind these IR-focused activities was the emphasis of the legitimacy of non-traditional works in respect to SFA ScholarWorks and the academic community as a whole. This idea and acceptance of the non-traditional was maintained as the CDS began to develop a program for the publication of online and open access journals. The collaborative relationship was maintained with Dr. Selden, who continued to deposit 3D models, articles and other scholarly works into SFA’s IR. That sustained relationship was rewarding for both parties as it was Dr. Selden’s CRHR: Research Reports that was the first online and open access journal to be launched via SFA ScholarWorks. This journal is also significant in that it included 3D models and associated files, which were displayed alongside related articles. This inclusion helped to create a more fully realized scope of Dr. Selden’s work. This talk will trace the course taken by Dr. Selden and the CDS that led to the incorporation of 3D models into CRHR: Research Reports. It will also detail efforts at SFA and in the CDS to realize the necessity of incorporating non-traditional file formats in online journals.

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journal publishing, 3d models, open access, ceramics


Library and Information Science | Other Earth Sciences | Scholarly Communication | Scholarly Publishing


Delivered at the Library Publishing Forum at the University of North Texas in May, 2016. Conference program.

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