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This presentation will explore methods of creating and displaying 3D images in relation to Content Management Systems and online collections. Examining the creation of 3D models through various platforms, we will discuss the interaction and feasibility for implementation of several common 3D formats.

The online display of 3D models has been in use for several years, most notably in archaeological reconstruction projects and more recently in digital imaging within the field of medical science. For this presentation, a 3D model is a visual representation that can be manipulated with various tools, which enable it to be turned, rotated and magnified among other functions. Apart from large-scale examples, the use of such models has yet to be fully utilized for the online display of cultural heritage objects and in particular within Content Management Systems such as CONTENTdm and Digital Commons.

The 3D file formats that this presentation will address necessarily carry over into the display of 3D models. Discussion will then also consider the relationship between these file formats and external or internal methods of display. This presentation will also address recent developments in the area of 3D model representation and how subsequent applications may change.

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content management systems, 3d models


Library and Information Science | Scholarly Communication | Scholarly Publishing


Delivered at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, April 2014

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