Open Access Week is a week long set of activities that focus on the promotion of events, activities, lectures and other activities surrounding the open access of academic materials. Open Access week began in the mid 2000's and has since progressed to an international movement.

SMU honors and promotes this movement each year, aiming to archive each presentation and speaker, by highlighting speakers, events and activities that promote open access as a movement.

Open Access Week at SMU 2016

Open Access Week 2016 at SMU featured three speakers. Daniel Williamson, the Managing Director at OpenStax, delivered a talk on Open Educational Resources and the University. Sandy Thatcher, a fellow at the John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies, spoke on open access monograph public. The last speaker was Dr. Masood Rajah, an English professor from the University of North Texas.

Each presentation and additional information can be found below and on the Open Access at SMU 2016 archive.

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Open Access Week at SMU 2016