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The purpose of this literature synthesis is to examine the empirical literature on comprehension measures used in studies of reading interventions for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and low IQ. Sixteen studies met inclusion criteria for this review. All studies were experimental, included a measure of reading comprehension, and sampled participants with ASD and low IQ (i.e., at least one standard deviation below the mean). The focus of this synthesis is on the comprehension measures used in the interventions, including type of measure and comprehension construct assessed through the measure. Results indicate that most of the studies included measures of comprehension that the researchers created for their study, while a few researchers relied on published measures. Additionally, among the assessments, five different comprehension behaviors were assessed: passage reading comprehension, supported passage reading comprehension, sentence/phrase comprehension, listening comprehension, and literacy engagement. The measures and the comprehension behaviors they assessed are discussed in detail. Implications for research and practice involving reading comprehension measures to inform research on reading interventions for individuals with ASD and low IQ are also discussed.

Key words: autism spectrum disorder, low IQ, reading comprehension, comprehension measure(s), comprehension behavior(s)

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Summer 2020

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Teaching and Learning


Jill H. Allor

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