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Postage Stamps Celebrating Civil and Human Rights by Martin Luther King Jr. and Associates

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Spring 4-10-2018


This "sumitography" (from Latin "sumit" means postage stamp) is a listing of postage stamps celebrating contributions to civil right and human rights by Martin Luther King Jr. and associates. In addition to USA postage stamps, this listing includes stamps from other nations, including Cuba, Ghana, Sweden, Turks & Caicos Islands, and others. Also included are postage stamps honoring King associates--in the struggle for civil and human rights, Mohandas K. Gandi, Rosa Partks, A. Philp Randolph, and Malcolm X.

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sumitology, postage stamp studies, sumitography, postage stamp listing, Martin Luther King Jr. postage stamps, civil rights postage stamps, human rights postage stamps


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"Don't Call King a 'Civil Rights' Leader ..." (2018 SMU Maguire Public Scholar Lecture) by Theodore Walker Jr. in SMU.Scholar.