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Ernest Everett Just, evolutionary bioethicist, environmental bioethicist, law of environmental dependence

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Summer 7-20-2019



“The Origin of Man’s Ethical Behavior” (circa October 1941) by Ernest Everett Just and Hedwig A. Schnetzler Just - is an unpublished book manuscript about the biological origins and evolution of ethical behavior, and about “the law of environmental dependence.” Missing since Just’s death in October 1941, it was found and identified in May 2018 among the collected papers of Ernest Everett Just preserved at the Howard University Moorland-Spingarn Research Center in Washington, DC. In addition to the 1996 US postage with the caption “Ernest E. Just, Biologist,” we now have reason to add two new postage stamps with captions “Ernest Everett Just, evolutionary bioethicist” (ethical behavior evolves) and “Ernest Everett Just, environmental bioethicist” (law of environmental dependence).

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Ernest Everett Just, evolutionary bioethicist, evolutionary bioethics, environmental bioethicist, environmental bioethics, “law of environmental dependence”


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