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Sumitography concerning Denali, and grief in END OF ICE (2020 [2019]) by Dahr Jamail

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Summer 7-7-2020


THE END OF ICE (2020 [2019]) by Dahr Jamail bears witness to “unstoppable melting” of glaciers, with special reference to glacier melt on Mount Denali. In the near future Mount Denali will not be the ice-covered mountain that appears on seven postage stamps in this Denali sumitography (in ancient Latin “sumit” indicates postage stamp):

ALASKA 1937 USA, 3 US cents.

Alaska Statehood 1959 USA, 7 US cents.

Denali National Park and Reserve 1972. USA, 15 US cents.

Alaska Statehood 1984. USA, 20 US cents.

Alaska Highway 1992. USA, 29 US cents.

Mount McKinley (Denali) 2001. USA, 80 US cents.

Alaska Statehood 2009. USA, 42 US cents.

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Denali, sumitography, postage stamps, mountains, glaciers, climate


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