Presenter Bio

Dr. Annamaria Szakonyi is an assistant professor and consultant working at the intersection of technology and society. Her passion is in the application of technology, data and policy to combat human trafficking and the exploitation of women and children. She has contributed her expertise to various anti-trafficking boards, ranging from regional initiatives to UN-level policy efforts. She's received distinguished awards like Saint Louis University's Geospatial Research and Innovation Award and scholarships from various governments and intergovernmental organizations. Her work spans peer-reviewed publications with publishers like IEEE and Springer, covering topics from human trafficking to cybersecurity, data science and diversity in technology. With over 15 years' experience in the IT and innovation sectors in both technical and leadership roles, she continues to advocate for and mentor women in tech.

Start Date

4-6-2024 1:00 PM

End Date

4-6-2024 1:45 PM

Field of Study

Data Science


Jun 4th, 1:00 PM Jun 4th, 1:45 PM

Uncovering Patterns and Policy Insights in Human Trafficking: A Multi-layered Approach Utilizing Publicly Available Data