Presenter Bio

John Nehme believes in the inherent value of every human. As the founding President and CEO of Allies Against Slavery, he’s watched the anti-trafficking movement attempt to solve an “invisible” problem without the data it needs for far too long. Under his leadership, Allies launched Lighthouse, an innovative software platform to identify victims and visualize data. John serves as an expert witness in sex trafficking cases. He and his wife enjoy exploring the outdoors with their four children and are active in Austin’s faith community.

Start Date

3-6-2024 12:30 PM

End Date

3-6-2024 1:15 PM

Field of Study



Jun 3rd, 12:30 PM Jun 3rd, 1:15 PM

Leveraging aggregate data for the anti-trafficking movement: A national strategy for curating, analyzing, and visualizing multiple data sources for the field