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E. E. Just: Administrative and Fund-seeking Pioneer


Kenneth R. Manning, Theodore Walker

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Spring 4-3-2021


This two-part chronology is based on Kenneth R. Manning’s biography, Black Apollo of Science: The Life of Ernest Everett Just (1983). Like other such timelines, this one details Just’s life and pioneering research work. Additionally, and distinctively, this timetable lays out Just’s pioneering fund-seeking and his work mentoring African American female co-researchers (Part 1). A sumitography featuring the United States Postal Service’s postage stamp (1996) recognizes Just’s innovative thinking in biology (Part 2). Following this logic, the author includes a proof-of-concept poster commending E.E. Just’s work as a forward-thinking administrator. This timeline summarizes, chronicles, and aims to re-frame Just’s two practices, fund-seeking and mentoring African American female scientists; showing that Just’s administrative ideas were, arguably, as path-breaking and far-reaching as his research in marine biology. The concept poster is the first step toward advocacy for the United States Postal Service to issue a second Ernest Everett Just stamp to honor Just’s leading edge administrative initiatives.

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Ernest Everett Just, EE Just, biology, Black Apollo of Science, Kenneth R. Manning, timeline, summary, administrative ideas, administrator, administrative initiatives, fund-seeking, fund seeking, mentoring, postage stamp, research, sumitography, commemorative stamp, female co-researchers, poster, African American scientists, female researchers, female scientists, history of science, biography


African American Studies | Africana Studies | Arts and Humanities | Biology | Digital Humanities | History of Science, Technology, and Medicine | Intellectual History | Other Education | Women's Studies


Sumit is the Latin word for postage stamp. ( An academic study that uses postage stamps as a resource or reference can be called a sumitology (sumit-o-logy).

Similar to a bibliography, a sumitography (sumit-o-graphy) lists and describes the postage stamps a researcher uses in a sumitology.


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The author thanks Kenneth R. Manning for his generous gift of time, including reviews of this document and several lengthy conversations.