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John Cobb as "Beyond the Pale"

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John Cobb offers “a critical view of inherited theology” (1980), and an affirmative answer to the question “Has Europe become theologically barren?” (2002a). He prescribes listening to alternative theological voices, including black, feminist, Latin American and Native American voices demanding liberation from oppression and poverty. He is critically attentive to continuing connections to colonialism and slavery. He offers a Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-like witness concerning the abolition of poverty globally. Hence, John Cobb is doing liberation theology and liberation ethics.

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: liberation theology, black liberation theology, liberation ethics, beyond the pale


Comparative Philosophy | Ethics and Political Philosophy | Ethics in Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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Word 97-2003 document. File name: John Cobb's Liberating Work from the Perspective of Black Theology [a March 2016 rendering of a rightly excluded 30 October 2010 essay]

Title: "John Cobb's Liberating Work from the Perspective of Black Theology"