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This thesis examines the concepts of Prospect space and Refuge space in video games and their influences on game pace. Based on the assumption that a Prospect space increases pacing while a Refuge space decreases pacing, the researcher created a custom level artifact (using both space types) to achieve an ideal pacing curve. By analysing playtesters’ experiences, the researcher was able to examine the influence of Prospect and Refuge space on pacing and formulate a set of best practices to help game designers modulate pacing through spatial composition.

Degree Date

Spring 2024

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Level Design


Katie Wood Clark


A special thanks to my thesis advisor, Professor Katie Wood Clark, for her patient and thorough guidance throughout the research process. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this research project without her support. I would also like to thank Professor Mike Porter for his advice and playtest feedback. A shout out to all the playtesters; thank you for taking the time to playtest the level and helping me gather research data.



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Game Design Commons